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Ketel One Collector Edition

Anyone who crossed Arnold Palmer’s path was fortunate to meet him—and the Nolet family, creators of Ketel One Vodka, feels very fortunate indeed. Rooted in his winning tradition and honoring his unparalleled legacy, the Nolet family has created a limited edition Ketel One Vodka bottle as a thank you to Arnold Palmer for the impact he had on the world and the game many love so much.

The Arnold Palmer Collector’s Edition bottle reads, “Dear Mr. Palmer, This one’s for you.” The nostalgic black and white vignette of Palmer on the course is accented with his iconic signature and an open golf umbrella in red, yellow, white and green—his company logo since 1961.

To the Nolets, golf champion and Presidential Medal of Freedom Award winner Arnold Palmer was a mentor and a friend. He was also simply “Arnie.” Dedicated to his family and community, Palmer spent his life giving back to the game and those in need. A master of his craft, he earned 62 PGA Tour victories. And at the end of play, Palmer celebrated with a Ketel One on the rocks with his slice of lemon—it was his signature “19th hole” and it gave him time to reflect on life, family and friends.


1.5 oz Ketel One® Vodka
Lemon twist

Stir with ice in a mixing glass and strain into a rocks glass over one large ice cube or a martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

At the heart of Ketel One Vodka lies one family’s unwavering passion for crafting the world’s finest spirits. Each generation of Nolet family distillers is tasked with upholding a legacy of distilling expertise that has been passed down from father to son since 1691. Palmer understood the power of legacy. His unwavering commitment to uphold the values of authenticity, integrity and generosity will live on for generations, as will the Ketel One commitment to producing the world’s finest spirits.

With a bond of shared values and good times between the two families, it was natural for Ketel One Vodka to become the Official Vodka of the 2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational. The Nolets are delighted that Arnie’s Army will have the opportunity to experience signature cocktails from the world’s most-trending vodka. The Arnold Palmer Invitational marked the first of many moments in which Ketel One Vodka will celebrate and toast the extraordinary achievements of The King. On the course, Club Ketel One featured Arnold Palmer memorabilia, highlighting cherished moments throughout his life and precious photos of the Nolet family’s friendship.  

In honor of his generosity and dedication to bettering the lives of those around him, Ketel One Vodka has made a commitment to donating $100,000 to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation, which provides support to institutions and organizations benefiting the environment as well as the communities in which we live.  Ketel One encourages fans to join in the spirit of generosity by donating to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation through the purchase of a limited edition shirt with all proceeds going to the AACF, a charity near and dear to Palmer’s heart.

Consumers can visit www.ketelone.com/arniesarmy/signature-pink-polo/ to purchase the Arnold limited edition shirt or go to www.ketelone.com/arniesarmy/arnies-army to make a donation to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation. Additionally, fans can purchase the Arnold Palmer Collector’s Edition bottle by visiting www.reservebar.com or going to their local retailer. For additional information visit www.KetelOne.com