High Fliers

A Legacy of Luxury

Embraer is one of the leading manufacturers of business, commercial and defense aircraft in the world. And Embraer Executive Jets continue to earn the top ranking in international aviation surveys. Their commitment to technological advancement is tangible at every level, be it in the precision of the cockpits, the quiet and comfort of the cabins or the efficiency and ease of their maintenance procedures.

The Legacy 450 continues Embraer’s legacy of luxury for the high flying executive, offering bespoke quality, innovation and performance. It is the only jet in its class to replace standard controls with full fly-by-wire technology, and it’s inventive side-stick control helps deliver an exceptionally smooth flight.

The stand-up cabin, at 6 feet in height and 24 feet long, with a flat floor, is the tallest and widest in its class. It offers a plush space, including robust entertainment and the only wet-galley option in the mid-light class. The Legacy 450 features seats for a total of nine passengers, which include two center club seats that fully berth to create beds. The combined internal and external stowage capacity is the largest in it’s class.

Although the Legacy 450 can cruise at a formidable speed of Mach 0.82, making it the fastest mid-light in the air, it can also handle short runways making it more accessible to airports worldwide. It can climb directly to 43,000 ft. in only 21 min, departing from sea level even with maximum takeoff weight—the kind of performance that comes with an ethos to continually redefine what’s possible.