Parting Shot

The lighter side of golf

There is video surveillance on the practice green.

The golf pro gives you a deal on a driver because it “fell off the truck.”

Guest fees are “pay what you weigh.”

The club sells billboard space behind the first green.

There is a $10 cover charge to get into the bar.

Prospective members are asked to take a drug test.

The rules committee overturns the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule.

The golf pro asks you for advice to help cure his slice.

The golf course Superintendent is nicknamed “Agent Orange”.

The Board of Governors is chosen by raffle.

The most difficult hole is the one with a windmill

Members are asked to check their firearms at the door.

The newsletter features a centerfold spread of the women’s club champion.

The biggest section in the club newsletter is reserved for stolen property.

The club chef is featured in the shockumentary, “World’s Deadliest Chefs”

Valet parking has been replaced by “The Strongest Man in the World” competition