The Perfect Drive

Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid

The Cayenne S E-Hybrid is the innovative trendsetter in the Cayenne family. It combines two of our favourite aspects: sportiness and the future. A parallel plug-in hybrid that boasts plenty of agility. After all, even when it comes to alternative drive systems, for us there is no alternative to sports performance.

The prowess of the Cayenne is clearly reflected in the design: the front and rear sections are now sharper and even more sophisticated. The bonnet, front wings, main headlights and air intakes lend the car even greater presence. It is impressively athletic and muscular.

The precise lines make it evident that this is a sports car with character and stature. The sporty side contouring and wheels with attractive styling serve to emphasise the car’s dynamics. An impression that is confirmed by the daytime running lights featuring four LED spotlights fitted as standard, as well as the LED taillights and integrated tailpipes.

Every detail has been used to highlight what matters most to you: the sporting credibility that only a Porsche can offer. That is our design DNA. The result is clear: distinctive appeal. The Cayenne gives the term ‘enthusiasm’ a face.